About us

The Law Office of “Alexandros Karampas & Associates” was founded in 1975 in Athens.

Our attorneys provide expertise in terms of all the different areas of civil, commercial, administrative and criminal law. Our distinguishing factor is the caliber of our senior associates. They combine extensive experience and detailed knowledge with zestful, vigorous enthusiasm and spirit. We specialize in real estate and the handling of residence permits for non-EU nationals.

The firm’s founder Alexandros Karampas has been a long-time legal counsel of publicly-traded companies while once being CEO of Veterin SA and of its subsidiaries. In 2005 our firm became a family business when Aris and Fotis Karampas, sons of Alexandros, were integrated into our team of attorneys and administrative staff. Other key members of this team are Aikaterini Tzeli and Andromachi Spyrou, attorneys with great experience and fruitful litigating outcomes.

We commit ourselves to all cases with the utmost professionalism, with the humanistic ideals in mind and with a contemporaneous legal approach so as to serve our clients promptly and comprehensively.